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Lyrics for your favorite FOR3ST HILLS song, handwritten by Zero and signed by both members of FOR3ST HILLS! Each lyric sheet contains the full lyrics to one (1) FOR3ST HILLS song and comes on a natural sheet of letter-size paper. The FOR3ST HILLS song written on the lyric sheet is chosen by you; then it is written & signed by us!

When you initiate the checkout process there will be a Notes section. Tell us what FH song you'd like there! It must be a song that's been released by us, and only one (1) song per sheet. If no song is specified in the notes section, we will choose a song at random. Email us at for any questions, or if you accidentally place your order before including the necessary information in the notes section! The sheet comes as-is, with no frame. If you'd like it to be framed, send us an email at so we can figure out shipping details.

Dimensions: Standard Letter Paper (8.5 x 11 inches)

*No Returns, No Exchanges, No Refunds

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