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We have an awesome new opportunity where you’ll get tons of cool stuff, such as:

1: Talk with us personally for 1 hour via video chat, where we can learn more about each other & talk about anything you'd like!

2: Attend a full-length, private FOR3ST HILLS livestream concert, where we perform just for you

3: Get a $200 gift card for our website, for all the music & merchandise you want!

You’re like family to us, and we want to give you as much time as we can; but our band is growing at a rapid pace, so we won’t be able to do offers like this forever. Make sure you connect with us personally, while it’s still possible!

Minors must have parent or guardian consent prior to purchase of this package. We welcome at least one parent or guardian to be present and supervising for the duration of the activities listed in this package.

*Discount Codes Of Any Kind DO NOT Apply To This Item (Including those obtained from Patreon subscriptions). Attempt To Purchase This Item With A Discount Code Will Result In A Cancellation.

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