FH BottleCap Necklace
  • FH BottleCap Necklace
  • FH BottleCap Necklace
  • FH BottleCap Necklace
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Wear Jack's style with your very own FOR3ST HILLS bottle-cap necklace! With your choice of either stainless steel chain & clasp closure or natural cotton cord, your necklace will adorn our sleek, custom-made FH bottle-cap pendant. To make these necklaces authentically "Jack" style, we also include a can-tab on the chain, which is how Jack wears his! *This tab is removable, if you decide you don't want it on your necklace chain.

Include the length you would like the chain/cord of the necklace to be in the Notes section of your order (which will be available during the checkout process). The length must be given in inches. If the length is not given in inches, we cannot guarantee you will receive the intended or desired length. The length you specify will be the total length of the chain, NOT how far down the pendant will hang when the necklace is worn. Please be sure to measure your neck and account for any amount of extra length you'd like the pendant to hang down from. If no measurement is specified in the Notes section, we will make your chain 16 inches by default (that is the same length as the chain worn in these photos). Due to the handmade nature of this product, all measurements are approximate.

Have a question? Reach out to us at FHRebels@gmail.com

*Can Tab may vary in color. Tab is only removable on the metal chain necklace; if you choose the cotton cord option, you may need to cut the cotton cord in order to remove the tab from it.

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