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The FOR3ST HILLS "Don't Listen" sticker, featuring our social media handle @FOR3STHILLS on a vinyl-printed sticker with a natural gloss finish. This sticker features a rainbow background, with text saying "Don't Listen". Beneath it, our social media handle @FOR3STHILLS is visible over a black background. This sticker is a vinyl sticker and is approximately 3 x 2 inches in size. It has a natural gloss finish, and a sticky adhesive backing that makes it suitable to be placed on nearly any flat surface; including laptops, notebooks, phone cases, walls, or anywhere else you can think of!

*This offer is for 1 sticker. If you'd like more stickers, increase the quantity. All Sales Are Final.

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*Stickers are not waterproof. Please do not take your sticker for a swim. Stickers are not made of vibranium. Please do not place your sticker on a surface that is frequently scratched or comes into frequent contact.

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